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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G Car Charger Problem

I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G and it arrived last week. Along with the Note20, I also got the Galaxy Watch3 (more on that in a future post). Coming from the Galaxy Note8, the biggest improvement that stands out for me is the beautiful 6.9 inch display with the 120Hz refresh rate. However, I had a car charger problem with the Note20 Ultra.

The issue was that my phone was not charging properly when connected to the car charger. It was the same charger that worked fine with the Note8. And because I use Waze as my GPS navigation software, my battery was draining much faster than what the charger was able to provide.

Note20 Ultra Car Charger Problem

I first noticed the problem when I connect the phone to the charger. I got a popup message saying “Check your charger connection”. See screenshot below.

Note20 Ultra Car Charger Problem. Make sure the cable and charger are properly connected.
Make sure the cable and charger are properly connected.

At first, I thought that the charger did not have enough power to charge the phone, so I tried with a charger that had a “3.0 Quick Charge” output. However, that did not help and the phone was still not charging fast enough to keep up with the drain from using Waze.

In addition to trying a different car charger, I also tried to go through the phone’s settings to see if I could find a solution there. In the settings, I found an option that was very promising at first. Under Settings -> Device Care -> Battery -> Charging, there are three options. “Fast charing”, “Super fast charging” and “Fast wireless charging”. Fast charging was turned off by default, so I turned it on, hoping that it would fix the issue. But that did not help.

The solution

So, changing the charger did not help. Changing the charging setting also did not help. My last resort to fix the Note20 Ultra car charger problem was changing the cable. And, finally, that worked! It seems that the cable that was working fine with the Note8 is not capable of charging the Note20 Ultra. If you’re facing a similar issue, hopefully this will help you.

I would love to hear from your thoughts about the Note20 Ultra. If you’re thinking of buying it and you have any questions about the phone, please let me know. And, if you find that the phone is too expensive, you can check out this post where I mention a couple of excellent phones which are more affordable.

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